About Darren

My name is Darren Dondero, "Dr. D" to my patients, and I've been a practicing Chiropractor for 20 years.  I became a Chiropractor because I have a passion for helping people achieve healthier lifestyles.  During my career, one of the most glaring health challenges that I've observed in my patients was the difficulty in finding and maintaining a proper healthy weight.

In addition to my Doctor of Chiropractic degree I have Bachelor's Degrees in Sport Sciences and Psychology.  I've been giving nutrition advice to my patients for over 20 years but I wanted to find a better system to more effectively help people.  To further my expertise in the field of nutrition I have become certified as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach.

My passion for helping people has led me to shift my focus to nutritional coaching as I see so many people struggling without sound, healthy nutritional lifestyles.  Many Lifestyle Diseases like  Type II Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Disease can be traced to poor dietary habits.  It truly has become an epidemic.  This is a CRITICAL ISSUE and it needs to change.

After years of seeing patients suffer and fall prey to fad diets and short term fixes, I wanted to find a system that works and creates healthy lifestyle habits.  I found that system with the Precision Nutrition Coaching Program.

Diet fads come and go but sound nutritional advice is here to stay.  I know it's easy to fall for the madness and hype of these fads and quick fixes.  Honestly, even with my background, I've fallen for the B.S. more times than I care to admit.  That's why it's important to have a coach to guide you through the maze of conflicting information.

I'm sick of people being taken advantage of and floundering around with bad information.

I've been a competitive endurance athlete for over 30 years.  Even with hours and hours of weekly training I've only found lasting body transformation when I've focused on healthy nutritional habits.  Exercise is a big part of the weight management equation but it's nearly impossible to out-work a bad diet!  At least for the long haul.

Precision Nutrition has designed a coaching system, not a generic diet plan, that will help us come up with achievable behavior goals that will get you the body you want. 

I would love the opportunity to help you with your nutrition and health goals.

Why use a Personal Nutrition Coach?

  • Lessons on Healthy Nutrition
  • Accountability-periodic assessments
  • Support System
  • Guidance in defining healthy behavior goals
  • Meal Prep Strategies
  • Weight Loss
  • Look Better
  • Feel Better
  • Perform Better
  • Fad Diet rescue- no prepackaged diet plans
  • Pre/Post Natal
  • Post Injury rehab
  • Athletic performance
  • Age Related Weight Issues