How Our Platinum Program Works: A true coaching program that helps you stay consistent and accountable.

Step 1:  Assess

The initial assessment includes:

1. Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

2. Medical History and Present Medical Condition Questionnaire

3. Comprehensive Client Information Questionnaire

4. Three Day Dietary Record

5. Readiness for Change Questionnaire

6. Kitchen Makeover Questionnaire

7. Social Support Questionnaire

8. Baseline Physical Assessments

     a. Initial Body Composition Measurements

     b. Stress/Recovery Assessment

     c. Blood Chemistry Review

Step 2:  Advise

After reviewing and considering all of your individual requirements and goals, we put together an individual plan that fits your lifestyle.  Resources include:

1. Level Summary Sheet

2. Limiting Factors Log

3. Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Chart

4. Superfoods Reference Sheet

5. Superfoods Checklist

6. 5 Healthy Habits Cheat Sheet

7. Appetite Awareness Worksheet

8. Overcoming Hurdles Guide

Step 3:Measure

Every 2 weeks we will be tracking and measuring your results so that we will be able to determine what is working and what may need to be modified.  This is an individual program designed for your specific needs.  Includes:

1. Bi-weekly Adherence Chart- This form is used to keep track of nutritional adherence and will be reviewed with the client every other week.

2. Bi-weekly Client Report- This form is used to keep track of weight, measurements and subjective markers and will be reviewed every other week.

3. Bi-weekly Nutrition Education Lesson- Healthy Nutrition topics to help you develop strategies for healthy living.

Disclaimer:  The advice and suggestions in this program are not a substitute for medical care in the treatment of specific medical conditions.  Please consult with your doctor before  starting any fitness or nutritional program.


7 Reasons You Need a Nutrition Coach in Your Life

I’ve seen it more times than I can count. You’ve tried “everything”. So now you’re looking for a magic pill, trying fad diets, hoping something sticks. As a nutrition coach, I see this kind of thing all the time.  Good nutrition information can be conflicting and confusing.

Living a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but with a little guidance you can do it.

If you’ve found yourself wanting to give up, there’s one more option you haven’t tried. And that’s habit-based nutritional coaching.

You know you need help, and it’s absolutely okay to ask for it. That’s what your nutrition coach is here for. I’m here for you and I’ll show you exactly why you need a nutrition coach in your life.

In fact, here are 7 solid reasons why working with a nutrition coach is the best choice for you.


1. Its all About the Relationship

When you use a nutrition coach, you’re building a relationship with that person.

The reason you’ve tried everything before and failed is because those diets don’t have someone there supporting you the way you need it. You need a real person to rely on for motivation and advice.

As nutrition coaches, we connect with you on a human level. We’re people, too, so we understand exactly how you’re thinking and have probably been in the same situation as you. We get it. That’s why coaching works.

2. Nutrition Coaches Have Knowledge to Offer

Most people know the basics- drink water, half your plate should be vegetables, and eat protein. But those basics will only get you so far if you don’t know what you’re doing.

A nutrition coach can help you make the right healthy lifestyle choices that work for you. If you have questions or concerns about anything, we’re always there to make sure you have the right information.

We take the time to educate you on what you’re doing, how to do it and why you should be doing it.  We give you strategies that can help you through challenging times. That’s more than a lot of other diets can say.

3. You’ll Enjoy Constant Support and Motivation

Your nutrition coach is there to keep getting you motivated to work out and make healthy lifestyle choices. We’re are always available to talk with you when you’re losing hope, and we’ll keep you moving toward your goal.

Everyone struggles occasionally and we’re here to get you back and keep you on track. You don’t get that kind of motivation from some generic diet you read in a magazine.

When you screw up on a diet, you’re made to feel like you’ve failed completely. When you work with a nutrition coach, they can give you strategies or plans that will get you right back to where you were. No judgement included.

4. They’ll Build a Program That Works for YOU

Losing weight, getting in shape, and adopting healthy habits is not one-size-fits-all. In order to effectively get to where you want to be and stay there, you need something that’s personalized for your life.  Something that will work for you long term. You won’t get that from a generic diet.

A nutrition coach knows how to build a program that’s going to work with your lifestyle, tastes, and preferences. If you’re always busy and have a packed work schedule, you’re going to need different things than someone who is retired and has a lot more time to relax.

We’ll design the best exercise program that will fit your life. If you have to go out of your way to hit the gym every day, chances are that won’t last very long. When we integrate it with your life, you won’t even have to think twice about making gym time and you’ll be more motivated to stay on that path.

5. Your Coach Will Focus on the Right Things

We know what to focus on in order to get the best results for our clients. When you work with a nutrition coach, you’ll learn how to focus on the right parts of your lifestyle to make serious changes.

Habit-based nutrition coaching helps you learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by changing your daily habits instead of just following a diet. Many people don’t realize that this is more important than simply counting calories or hitting the gym every few days.

We’ll take your end goal and break it down step by step behaviors for you. This is a better way to understand how exactly you’ll get where you need to be and what you should work on.

You’re learning the cause and effect of your actions, and how you can integrate that into your life to make permanent, positive changes. There’s nothing more effective than that.

6. You’ll Build a Healthy Lifestyle

More than anything else, it’s important to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle because that’s the key to staying in shape. It doesn’t matter if you lose 50 pounds if you haven’t developed good habits around that.  You’ll most likely revert back to bad habits and gain the weight back.

A nutrition coach will work with you for as long as you need us to. We understand the value of viewing your life as a whole and to teach you how you can stay healthy.

We help you fit little changes into your life one at a time, so it won’t feel like too much of a change at once. When your program doesn’t feel like a big change, it’ll stick.

We’ll also give you the right tools you need to keep living a healthy lifestyle permanently. This is not a quick fix to a weight issue. It’s a manageable, slow-building overhaul of your life. And that’s much more important.

7. Accountability is Key!

Accountability is one of the most important parts of working with a nutrition coach.

When you diet on your own, you don’t have any accountability because no one’s there to catch you falling off track. That’s one of the main reasons that diets don’t work for a lot of people.

Willpower doesn’t always work the way you want it to. Sometimes, we understand the consequences of what we’re doing, but we just don’t care. When no one’s there to stop you, including yourself, that’s how you get weight gain.

With someone there to make sure you stay on track, you’ll be much more inclined to take responsibility when you slip up.


I’m Darren Dondero. I offer a nutrition coaching program inspired and developed by Precision Nutrition.

I’m a certified Precision Nutrition coach who can help you lose weight by developing good habits. I’ll teach you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle to feel your best every single day.

I’ve been a health care professional for over 20 years and have helped all kinds of people.

I am uniquely qualified to help you because I am over 40, have worked with people and have done it myself.  I help people like you, every day, to achieve their goals. I understand the unique situation you are in!

Let me show you how to get the results you need to be the best you can be. Before you know it, you’ll see a whole new you in the mirror that you never thought was possible